Maciek Odrowaz


I am a creative technologist based in Copenhagen. Working in the field of web development and interaction design. Fascinated by human perception since childhood. Focuses on creating engaging and immersive multi-sensory experiences. I have a solid technical background and hands-on experience. Highly skilled in various modern technologies including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, computer vision and machine learning. I am an original thinker, innovative by nature and interested in pushing the boundaries of design.

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I have begun my scholar career from solidifying ground in the field of creative music technology. Developed a keen interest in visual programming languages and innovations in music interfaces. Worked with sound for film, both on set and in post-production (over 70 productions). I have expanded my technical skills by learning scripting and programming. Gained professional experience in frontend development. My further academic research has been focused on human perception and interaction design. I am currently pursuing a career with new media and technology in the creative technical field.

Audio experiments

Alongside the scholar's research and professional career I have spent countless hours experimenting with sound and various new technologies. Carefully following new developments in the field of creative music technology. I have started programming from learning visual languages which offer lower entry threshold and are more immediate to catch on because of the visual aspects. For me programming as an activity offers a unique opportunity to regularly challenge my mind and technical skills for example by recreating software and hardware products released onto the market. Besides exercising my mind on such challenges I am constantly working on creating new and original concepts for sound generating and processing tools.

I find the human ability to perceive sound and visuals fascinating. I enjoy playing with those senses by creating multilateral experiences where those domains intertwine. My goal is to tear down the partition and find a common ground where sound, interaction and visuals can coexist. I am keen on sharing my knowledge, I have successfully conducted talks about audio programming and sound synthesis.

Maciek Odro with synth

Area of expertise


  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • Sass
  • Git
  • C#
  • YAML
  • Bash
  • Batch
  • WebAudioAPI


  • Angular
  • Angular Material UI
  • Node.js
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Unity
  • Computer Vision
  • Max MSP
  • Pure Data
  • Avid Pro Tools
  • Cookos Reaper

Hardware Tools

  • Leap Motion
  • Kinect
  • Oculus Quest 2
  • cameras
  • 360 cameras
  • game controllers
  • Raspberry Pi
  • synthesizers
  • eurorack modular synthesizer
  • Axoloti
  • Roli Seaboard
  • Expressive E Touche and other MIDI controllers
  • field recorders
  • microphones
  • ambisonic microphones
Hardware audio tools

Selected work

Motion controlled audio in web browser

Working with computer vision and motion controlled audio in web browser, using the JavaScript export feature of RNBO, part of Max MSP

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Computer vision based full body pose estimation

Unity implementation of computer vision based full body pose estimation working with Quest 2 and a single webcam

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Gesture controlled collaborative instrument

Gesture controlled instrument for collaborative music creation. This instrument is an online application that runs in browser. It is capable of tracking user’s hand motion using a webcam.

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Boids & granular synthesis

Flock of birds (boids) controlling a granular synthesis musical instrument programmed in Max.

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You can read about more projects on my blog


2022 Master of Science in Medialogy

Aalborg University, Technical Faculty of Information Technology And Design, Denmark

Interaction design and programming, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Algorithms, Data Structures and Software Engineering for Media Technology, Embodied Interaction, New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, Interactive Storytelling, Narratives in Interactive Systems, Multimodal Perception and Cognition, Sensor technologies, 3D modeling, Rapid Prototyping

Master's Thesis - Implementing full-body pose estimation for Virtual Reality applications, Comparison of computer vision based solutions

2017 Master of Science in Radiocommunication and Multimedia Technology

Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, Poland

Programming, Signal processing, Digital Sound Processing, Computer Graphics, Radioelectronics, Radiocommunication, Radars and Localisation Systems, Wireless Data Transmission and Communication, Graph theory, Electronics

Master's Thesis - Comparative study of different surround sound systems

2013 Bachelor of Science in Audio Designs and Production

University of Kent, School of Arts, United Kingdom

Sound Design, Sound Editing, Audio Post Production, Studio Recording, Live Audio Engineering, Field Recording, Sound Effects Editing, Acoustics, Audio Electronics, Sound Synthesis Techniques, Spatial Audio

Bachelor's project - Programming a full-featured virtual instrument

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